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With HudHud™, you will receive much more than a calling card. With the latest and greatest in telecom features, you will have all your communication needs at your fingertips. Check out the many great features that come included free of charge with your HudHud™ account:

Pinless Dialing

HudHud™ Pinless Dialing feature allows you to connect to your calls faster. Register your home, office, and cell number all under one account, and you will no longer be prompted for your Account Number or PIN when calling from these locations. Simply dial the HudHud™ access number, and after the prompt, dial the phone number you would like to call. You can register one Pinless Dialing number when you sign up for HudHud™, and can add more in the online account center.

Mobile Apps

HudHud™ is now available on your mobile device, supporting 5 platforms and more than 400 handsets. HudHud™ mobile apps include the flowing features:

  • Support the following operating systems: Android, Symbian, Apple iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile.
  • Works behind any firewall: use our TLS mobile dialer when traveling to destinations where SIP is blocked by local ISPs.
  • G729 codec: crisp clear voice quality using a low bandwidth codec to save you money on 3G calls.
  • 3G/Edge/WiFi support: stay connected whether in your home, office, or on the road
  • DIDs: sign up for a DID and receive incoming calls from anywhere right on the mobile dialer.

    Going Overseas?

    Why pay roaming charges when you travel. You can use HudHud™ Callback feature to make calls from anywhere in the world. Simply buy a simcard at the destination country and provide your local number to a HudHud Customer Service Representative who will happily activate the service for you.

    Auto Recharge

    Never run out of talk time with HudHud™ Auto Recharge feature. You can choose to have your account automatically replenished -- you determine how much to add and when to add. Whenever your balance falls below the selected amount, the credit card you have on file will be charged automatically.

    You can add the free Auto Recharge feature to your HudHud™ account when you sign up or you can add it later in the online account center or by speaking with a customer service representative.

    Refer a Friend

    You can earn $10 in calling time for every person -- friend or family -- that you refer to HudHud™. Complete details about the Refer a Friend program can be found in the online account center.

    Online Account Management

    In the HudHud™ Account Center you can check rates, review your call history, add funds to your account, set up Auto Recharge, manage calling features and more. You will need an Account Number and PIN to login.

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